Isoform designed specific protections to ensure thermal insulation to products stored and shipped in IBC tanks.
Available in standard cm 100x120 h 100 size, tank covers are particularly targeted to protect chemical water-based products (e.g. paints and adhesives), as well as food.
The covers wrap the tank up like a hood and are also available with a Velcro cover of the cap, to allow filling operations in excessively hot/cold environment.

Our products can also be used when tanks are to be stacked. Just add to the standard cover one or more extensions: in this case you have to ask for the version with Velcro base.
Extensions wrap the 4 sides of the tank and are fixed to the Velcro base of the standard cover.
More extensions can be added: the final result is shown in the photos beside.

Tank covers are made in two different versions: Artik and Tundra.

Artik features higher insulating power and mechanical resistance. Tundra is a disposable, cost effective solution recommended when the covers cannot be salvaged.